Progresso™ is expanding its line this fall to include two new stews and a vegetable chili item. Consumers can enjoy “homemade” quality hearty stew and chili anytime and any way — a chili bar while watching the game, a quick solution for back to school dinners, or a plate of warm biscuits with stew around the dinner table. Ready in 5 1/2 minutes, Progresso takes the time out of preparing homemade dishes that can take hours.

What's New with Chili?

New Progresso Roasted Vegetable Chili with 3 Beans is a meat-free option that includes roasted corn, red and green bell peppers, poblano peppers, onions, and pinto, black, and dark red kidney beans. The other two flavors available include Smokehouse Pork and Beef Chili with Beans and Southwest Style White Chicken Chili with Beans.

Stew Added to Progresso Portfolio

"Our consumers love this new Stew, and chili. We tested this until we reached a flavor to satisfy those with a hearty appetite," said Roger Galloway, Progresso marketing manager.

The new Progresso White Chicken Stew with Savory Herbs is a thick and creamy blend of white chicken meat chunks, potatoes, mushrooms, carrots, cream, peas, celery and onions, combined with savory herbs and seasonings. The Hearty Vegetable Stew with Beef is a favorite including large cuts of beef, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, okra, onions, celery and sea salt.

Make Halftime Better Than the Game with Progresso Chili and Stew

It's sports season and watching the game with family and friends just got better. For those consumers that want to make watching the game special with fun and flavorful dishes, Progresso Chili and the new Stews are a great start.

Whether you are watching the game at home during the week or on the weekend, chili is a quick go-to option to satisfy any sports fan. Take your chili experience to a whole new level by creating a chili bar during the game with all your favorite toppings—Queso Fresco, Manchego cheeses; spicy and creamy sauces such as salsa, cilantro crema, Greek yogurt, Siracha or guacamole. For added crunch and flavor, serve banana peppers or jalapenos, onions, limes, tortilla strips, bacon or cornbread croutons. Be adventurous and top with shaved chocolate, crumbled tater tots or sauerkraut.