Uncle Andy's Jerky — a craft beer inspired artisanal jerky company — announced that it's shipping a new flavor of beef jerky, Boise's Mushroom Blue Cheese. The new flavor combines the earthy flavors of mushrooms with piquant blue cheese.

"I've always loved how blue cheese is used on burgers, steaks and many other meat dishes and I am excited to bring the bold flavor to jerky," said Andy Hanenberg, founder of Uncle Andy's Jerky. "After researching dozens of recipes I decided that the combination of mushrooms and blue cheese would create an amazing taste profile and be a great complement to our Choice Angus Beef jerky. We're looking forward to introducing our fans to more seasonal jerky varieties in the months and years ahead."

Boise's Mushroom Blue Cheese contains 9 grams of protein, 60 calories and 2 grams of fat per serving (28 grams). The jerky is made with honest, natural ingredients and does not contain any preservatives or nitrates.

"This new Boise's Mushroom Blue Cheese variety from Uncle Andy's Jerky is quite impressive. It actually tastes like a grilled steak topped with mushrooms and bleu cheese," says Steve Johnson, Jerky Reviews blogger. "It has that expected creamy, sharp character of real bleu cheese, but also the earthy, mild flavor of Portobello mushroom. Together, it creates a very exciting new flavor that works really well in jerky form. What also seems to work well is the meat consistency having a steak-like chewing texture, instead of the gummy or crumbly textures of other well known jerky brands."

Boise's Mushroom Blue Cheese beef jerky retails for $7.49 on uncle-andys-jerky.com and at specialty food stores nationwide. In addition to the new flavor, Uncle Andy's Jerky offers four other varieties: Bandito Loco's Spicy Coffee, Lumberjack Maple Bourbon, Southern Gent Lemon Mint and Tex's Tangy BBQ.