International Dispensing Corporation announced that The Döhler Group, a global supplier of natural ingredients and ingredients systems for the food and beverage industry, introduced a line of aseptic not-from-concentrate (NFC) juices in a bag-in-box package equipped with The Answer® tap—to foodservice establishments throughout China. The colorful, 10-liter boxes, emblazoned on the front with “100% Pure Fruit Juice”, are now in commercial use in the Chinese market, dispensing aseptic beverages without refrigeration via The Answer®.

The Answer® allows for continuous safe dispensing of aseptic beverages—including dairy products—maintaining the sterility of the remaining contents for weeks without need for refrigeration. While the Döhler juice boxes never need to be refrigerated throughout their use-life, Döhler offers customers the option of a simple plug-in cooling unit for those who prefer drinking a chilled beverage.

Customer acceptance of the new Döhler product line—of the packaging concept and the taste of the 100% NFC juice—has been strong and enthusiastic. Roman Kupper, President of APAC and Board Member of the Döhler Group, commented: “We are excited about this great opportunity as more and more Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and global foodservice establishments take advantage of the revolutionary innovation that saves handling and refrigeration costs, ensures product safety and integrity, prevents spoilage and waste, and enhances the customer experience. We are pleased to have partnered with IDC in leading this market transformation.”

Greg Abbott, chairman of IDC, remarked, “We are delighted that Döhler has embraced our packaging technology and cannot think of a better or more credible partner to bring our ‘idea to life’ in China. Aseptic processors finally have a viable foodservice option, a bulk package format that opens up significant new avenues of distribution. We are confident that Döhler’s groundbreaking product offering in China will capture the attention of beverage brands throughout the world.”