At-Home Breakfast


US Foods Holding Corp., Rosemont, Ill., introduced a special holiday line of 14 new products under the theme of “Wow Your Diners On- and Off-Premise.”

There are several new bakery offerings including Devonshire Premium Belgian Chocolate Chip Waffles. Officials say the individually wrapped waffles are made in Belgium with Belgian chocolate chips and crunchy sugar pearls.

Other new bakery items include Devonshire Bomboloni and Devonshire Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake.  Produced in Italy and pre-fried, Bomboloni are fluffy doughnuts that are traditionally filled with fruit or chocolate. The Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake has two layers of chocolate cake and a dense, crunchy peanut butter filling that’s so thick that peanut butter is the first ingredient. The cake is covered in chocolate ganache and topped with real Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.


On-Trend Tastes


Last fall saw Sysco Corporation, Houston, introduce 10 menu items exclusively for Sysco customers through the company’s Cutting Edge Solutions platform.

New bakery offerings include Sysco Simply Plant-Based Sprouted Grain Breads (pictured), Sysco Simply Plant-Based Vegan Cornettos and Sysco Imperial Dessert Mashups.

Available in oat grain and wheatberry, the new whole grain breads are plant-based with no artificial ingredients and add a nutty and earthy flavor to sandwich, breakfast and brunch offerings. Cornettos are Italian croissants that are certified vegan and suited to sandwiches or on their own with sweet or savory spreads. Imperial Dessert Mashups are thaw-and serve cheesecakes with mashups of some favorite flavors, including state fair-themed inspirations such as cotton candy and candy apple.


School Friendly


General Mills Foodservice knows schools need convenient options that work across a variety of feeding scenarios during the pandemic.

General Mills Foodservice relaunched Pillsbury Cheesy Pull-Aparts, which first debuted in 2015. They feature Pillsbury oven-baked bread stuffed with 100% real cheese for a rip-able, dippable menu item. They come in two flavors: Italian Cheeses & Garlic and Southwest Queso.

Also new are Nature Valley Soft Oatmeal Rounds. Featuring real fruit puree and hearty oatmeal, the soft-baked rounds offer students long-lasting energy with 32g of whole grains and give schools a 2oz equivalent grain item that that works across multiple dayparts and feeding scenarios.

Nature Valley Soft Oatmeal Rounds come in two flavors: Apple Cinnamon and Banana Chocolate Chip.