As the industry leader, Corbion Caravan is working toward eliminating all PHO products in its portfolio by early 2017, long before the June 2018 deadline mandated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Corbion Caravan’s latest new offerings are non-PHO GMS® Hydrated Emulsifiers, which are part of Corbion’s ENSEMBLE™ line.

It’s one thing to replace the industry-leading emulsifier for no-time dough applications with a new solution that eliminates partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs). It’s something else to create a replacement with all the benefits of the original product – and more.

“Corbion Caravan set the standard for hydrated monoglycerides over 50 years ago,” says Jim Robertson, global product manager, emulsifiers. “Now, we’ve built on our deep technological understanding and processing knowledge to develop a drop-in replacement that produces even better results.”

Robertson says functionality tests with no-time dough applications demonstrate that the new GMS 520 and GMS 540 non-PHO hydrated emulsifiers improve volume and softness, while maintaining or improving crumb grain and other attributes. In addition, while GMS 520 is a 1:1 solution, GMS 540 allows customers to reduce usage, creating an immediate potential to reduce costs in everything from purchasing to packaging.

“Customers can reduce their usage rate up to 20% with GMS 540, and still obtain improvements in dough handling, volume, softness, crumb grain and more,” says Robertson.

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