Peter Pan®, a brand of ConAgra Foods, Inc. introduced Peter Pan Simply Ground™. Simply Ground has the texture of freshly ground peanut butter – creamy with a bit of crunch. Unlike other crunchy peanut butters, Simply Ground is for snacking and is easily spreadable so it won’t tear up bread. Simply Ground features simple ingredients - roasted peanuts, sugar, vegetable oils and salt. There are no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, and Simply Ground has 0g trans fat per serving and is gluten free, cholesterol free, and is kosher certified.

“Simply Ground spreads like a creamy peanut butter while offering the texture of crunchy,” said Brian Evangelista, Brand Manager, Peanut Butter, ConAgra Foods. “Consumers tell us that crunchy peanut butter has limitations to being spreadable and dippable. For example, crunchy peanut butters tear up softer breads and don’t make a great sandwich, but Simply Ground solves that problem.

Available in two varieties, Simply Ground Original contains eight grams of protein per serving and Honey Roast with seven.

“Consumers want great taste, simple ingredients, the benefit of protein and convenience – all at an affordable price,” said Evangelista. In recent years we’ve seen more category innovation around sweet offerings, but this category is all about real food. That’s why we’re proud to be able to offer Simply Ground.”

In-store demonstrations have been a focus for the Simply Ground launch.

“As the first texture innovation in this category in many years, sharing the experience with consumers is critical,” said Evangelista. “Consumers love the fresh ground texture, but they need to taste it to believe it.”

Both Simply Ground varieties are available at grocery stores nationwide for the suggested retail price of $3.39.