Consumers increasingly look for food, beverages and dietary supplements that address their particular health concerns—such as improving digestion or cutting down on sugar intake.

At this year’s FiE, DSM showcased its range of digestive solutions, highlighting nutritional and functional ingredients and enzymes backed by science to support digestive health. DSM’s line and expertise can help manufacturers tailor new products to popular consumer requirements. Visitors also were able to see DSM’s latest solutions on sugar reduction (particularly in dairy applications), as well as see and taste an extensive range of food and beverage concepts.

Science supports digestive health
DSM used FiE to launch its innovative health benefit platform, “Improve Your Digestion,” which is a unique approach to support customers interested in creating products for improved digestion. Digestive health and wellness are one of consumers’ top concerns, and is one of the key nutritional health benefits expected from foods and beverages.

So far, probiotics have been a popular solution. However, DSM’s new health benefit platform extends to a complete portfolio that also includes fibers, enzymes and vitamins, proven by new science to enhance the digestive system. “Improve Your Digestion” is a one-stop shop combining scientific studies, applications expertise, regulatory knowledge and consumer insights – all easily accessible to help DSM customers differentiate their product ranges with customized solutions for digestive health.

For example, the DSM portfolio includes Tolerase™ L, an enzyme that facilitates the breakdown of lactose, and OatWell® oat-beta glucan soluble fibers for improved digestion.

Visitors also learned about the latest trends in sugar reduction. DSM’s Global Insight Series on sugar reduction, explores consumer preferences and requirements towards sugar in general, as well as specifically in dairy. The reports aim to help manufacturers ensure their offering addresses the consumer needs of the future. In light of this, DSM showcased its sugar reduction solutions for the dairy industry, including enzymes and cultures that help create a healthy product without compromising on taste.

At FiE, DSM also highlighted its premix capabilities offered through Fortitech® Premixes, the one-stop source for food, beverage and supplement manufacturers looking at fortification as a way to differentiate their products from the competition.

Visitors also learned more about DSM’s digestive health, sugar reduction solutions and more by sampling a variety of products and prototypes made with its ingredients. DSM’s sample products included:

•Chocolate chip cookies with OatWell® and multivitamins from Fortitech® Premixes
•Crispy hearts with OatWell®
•Chocolate milk drink 0% with Maxilact® lactase, fibers and no added sugar
•High protein yogurt energy shots with Delvo®Fresh
•Lactose-free vanilla custards with savory MultiRome® and Maxilact®
•Par-baked buns with DSM’s latest innovation BakeZyme® Go Pure and Panamore® for improved dough stability and bread quality.

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