Parker Products, approaching its 90th year in business as a supplier of food and beverage ingredients including inclusions, flavor systems, and grinds, recently rebranded to more fully communicate its growing product and service offerings. Parker will launch the new brand with a refreshed booth design and creative application concepts at the 2016 Winter Fancy Food Show, January 17-19, in San Francisco.

“Parker has experienced some exciting growth in recent years, and our product and service offerings have evolved accordingly,” says Greg Hodder, president. “From becoming a peanut-free facility in 2012 to our recent partnership with Dot Foods for distribution, we felt that as we approached our 90th anniversary, we needed a refreshed story to help us fully demonstrate our value to the food and beverage industry.”

Since its 1926 founding by I.C. Parker (creator of the famous “Drumstick” novelty), Parker has been dedicated to intriguing consumers with exciting new flavors, textures, and visual elements. Parker helps food companies engage their customers with more exciting, appealing products through an extensive line of ingredients including inclusions, flavor systems, and grinds.

Specific lines range from praline nuts and bake-stable candies to coatings, fillings, and fruit preps. These products contribute to applications across the food industry, from baking and dairy to beverage, confectionery, and snack. Whether an artisan donut or specialty beverage, Parker’s ingredients help intrigue consumers with value-added tastes, textures, and visual elements.

“We have been privileged to help our clients build their brands with ‘intriguing ingredients,’” Hodder says. “We provide everything that adds value to an application, whether it’s an inclusion, a topping, a filling, or a flavor. Our ingredients add flavor, texture, and visual appeal to help our customers create consumer-preferred applications with greater value and marketability.”

In addition to this focus on intriguing ingredients, Parker’s new brand features a redesigned logo and visual identity that communicate the creativity and energy of the brand. The new logo is inspired by Parker’s ingredients, with an orange “drop” element that suggests an inclusion or a drop of flavor.

“With our new brand, we hope to better communicate the capabilities we already had,” adds Hodder. “The new orange color suggests the creativity of our product development team, who have created exciting products like our popular agave-glazed quinoa and helped us completely eliminate PHOs from our offerings and add clean label options to our lineup. The brown color in the logo expresses the value we place on warm, friendly service.”

Parker’s rebrand also included a fully redesigned, featuring a modern responsive design and industry resources including downloadable white papers, a dynamic capabilities presentation, and a trend-focused blog.

Parker selected the Winter Fancy Food Show to launch the brand due to the show’s association with specialty foods and creative product development.

“The Winter Fancy Food Show has always been a show that represents creativity and one we’ve had success with,” says Melanie Cochrane, national sales manager at Parker. “Since our new brand is focused on supporting specialty products and creative product development, the show really made sense for the launch.”

Parker’s new brand will be supported by materials including a new website, brand video, and trade show booth—all to be debuted at the show. At Booth 5039, Parker will exhibit a range of creative application concepts using its ingredients, including peppermint latte chocolate bark, raspberry crunch mini cupcakes, and toffee crunch sugar cookies. Samples will be housed in a modern booth design reminiscent of a specialty bakery or candy shop.

“We’re excited to show off the creativity of our outstanding R&D team,” says Cochrane. “From all-natural items to our blueberry rosemary fruit prep to our renowned bake-stable toffee, we believe we have a lot to offer the food industry.”

To experience creative applications made with Parker’s ingredients, or to request more information about their extensive offerings, visit Parker at the Winter Fancy Food Show, booth 5039, or online at the new

Parker Products

Parker Products makes the ingredients that intrigue consumers. Parker offers creative inclusions, flavor systems, and grinds like agave glazed quinoa, blueberry rosemary fruit prep, and natural peppermint candy grind. From baking and dairy to beverage, confectionery, and snack, Parker helps build brands across the food and beverage industry.