As savory flavor trends continue to emerge throughout the food industry, Gold Coast Ingredients (GCI) has focused heavily on new, specialty lines of vegetarian savory flavors.

The goal of this expansion is to provide consumers with precise meat and poultry flavor profiles—without use of animal proteins or animal products. Gold Coast’s vegetarian flavors come in powder and liquid form, and can be made organic, non-GMO, gluten-free or MSG-free upon request.

“Consumers are demanding products free of ingredients such as MSG, autolyzed yeast extract and hydrolyzed vegetable protein, but oftentimes do not realize how difficult it is to create a clean, vegetarian savory flavor without losing essential flavor characteristics,” notes Mariano Gascon, Gold Coast Ingredients’ senior technical director of R&D. “At GCI, we formulate savory flavor enhancers that meet common, natural and organic requirements by removing undesirable ingredients.”

Common applications include marinades, seasonings, gravy bases, demi-glaces, brines, stews, sauces, soups, cheese, bakery products, beverages and more.

GCI’s expanded line includes…

100% Vegetarian Chicken Flavors

GCI offers a variety of flavor profiles including grilled, roasted and boiled with white, dark, lean or fatty skin flavor profiles. Soup and broth options also are available.

100% Vegetarian Beef Flavors

Available in different cooking styles, fat content, rare, medium and well-done beef flavor profiles. Soup, broth and au jus options also are available.

100% Vegetarian Pork Flavors

Flavor profiles range from bacon, lard and ham to a large selection of roasts, cured meats and sausages. Broth, stew and more options are also available.

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