Sonoma Flatbreads, maker of gluten-free flatbread pizzas, debuted an organic, non-GMO/GE line of pizzas available in four crowd-pleasing flavors.

With a focus on simple yet flavor-packed ingredients, the company made responsible sourcing and top quality its priorities. All Sonoma Flatbreads™ are free from artificial colors and flavors with no preservatives, allowing the real flavors to shine through. After the success of the Gluten-Free line, the company realized there were few choices in the frozen pizza aisle that provided Organic and non-GMO/GE ingredients yet still tasted great.

“We’re excited to now deliver an Organic line because it gives customers one more assurance of our commitment to offering the highest-quality flatbreads,” said Stan Jacot Executive Vice President and General Manager for Jane’s Dough Foods, maker of Sonoma Flatbreads™. “We’re 100-percent dedicated to providing a delicious experience that also offers ingredient peace of mind.”

The new Organic pizzas are available in four varieties:

• Chicken & Fire Roasted Peppers, Made with Organic Ingredients
• USDA Certified Organic Four Cheese
• Uncured Pepperoni, Made with Organic Ingredients
• USDA Certified Organic Spinach & Feta

Each variety starts with the special-recipe NatureCrust™, a unique blend of Organic, non-GMO/GE Wheat and Ancient Grain flours Quinoa, Sorghum, Amaranth and Millet to give a light, crispy bite. Look for artisanal, natural toppings such as fire-roasted peppers, thin-sliced uncured pepperoni, and aged Provolone cheese. All meats have no added growth hormones or added nitrates/nitrites and are antibiotic-free; and all cheeses are Organic and rBST-free.