Schwan’s Food Service, Inc. expanded its Minh® Asian Appetizer portfolio with exciting new offerings as well as new recipes for some of its favorites. “We know that Asian cuisine continues to grow in demand for our operators, with expanded opportunities throughout many dayparts,” said Jacob Berning, vice president of marketing for Schwan’s Food Service. “Our category-specific research has confirmed that those who enjoy Asian food have significantly increased their consumption, with two out of three saying they are ‘extremely willing’ to try new Asian foods and flavors.”

The company’s Asian appetizers are available for colleges and universities, convenience stores, healthcare dining operations and restaurants.

Egg rolls are the No. 1 favorite Asian appetizer in the United States, and Schwan’s Food Service is a national leader in egg roll sales. The company worked with renowned Chef Jet Tila for final refinements to the new recipe that was developed for the company’s chicken egg rolls based on consumer flavor preferences.

“As we learned more about the entire Asian appetizer category in our research, we challenged ourselves to go back to this chicken egg roll, one of our best-sellers, and make it even better,” said Wendy Osborn, marketing manager for Schwan’s Food Service. Other varieties include pork and vegetable, vegetable, shrimp and southwest chicken, all available in either 1.5- or 3-ounces. The whole-grain egg roll varieties are offered in the 3-ounce size.

A brand new line of Minh® Spring Rolls has been introduced this spring, combining meat, fresh vegetables and seasonings in a delicate, light, crispy wrapper. The spring rolls are versatile, and can be used by operators as an appetizer, side dish or a unique entrée. They are offered in either chicken or vegetable, in 1-ounce sizes.

The company’s line of Minh® potstickers has also been expanded this spring, to include two new varieties. Potstickers, which are a meat, vegetable and spice blend in a traditional dumpling-style wrapper, are one of the top three favorite Asian appetizers. In addition to pork, the company has added chicken and vegetable options. The .9-ounce, pre-cooked potstickers provide operators a myriad of different pan-searing or steaming applications for fresh, consistent, tender dumplings and menu versatility throughout the day.

“We’re exceptionally pleased with the level of performance, quality, variety, flavor and texture that we’ve achieved with this portfolio expansion,” said Berning. “As consumers continue to seek out Asian cuisine, we’re here to provide operators a broad selection of foods and accompanying menu applications that we know will satisfy customer demand in a variety of foodservice settings.” About Schwan’s Food Service, Inc.