PowerBar® is undergoing a massive relaunch to pledge to athletes worldwide that it is back and ready to power and inspire the athlete in everyone once again. Without losing sight of its strong sports heritage, the brand is in the midst of a transformation, which includes new products and refreshed packaging. A redesigned website will also accompany a new digital campaign, event activations, and athlete sponsorships.

The brand debuted a new protein shake and launched a new line of reduced sugar protein bars. New Simple Fruit Energy Food, a real fruit puree, will hit stores next to the sports gels in April with additional nutrient-dense foods rolling out in 2016 and beyond.

Showcasing a more approachable personality, the brand's first advertising campaign in recent years is set to launch in April. The campaign will demonstrate the brand's new outlook and show that PowerBar is no longer exclusively for the marathoner or triathlete. Instead, PowerBar is for soccer, football and basketball players, as well as skiers, surfers, kayakers, spin cyclists, cross trainers, kickboxers, spike ballers, urban parkours, and all other active players in the sports world. Whether through its products or its persona, PowerBar is remixing everything it touches.

Having moved back to the Bay Area, where it all began 30 years ago, PowerBar is now managed by a small, nimble team of athletes, foodies, and trend spotters who bring a diverse and unique outlook. "Sports have evolved. Athletes have evolved. And now, after a long slumber, PowerBar has evolved," says Doug Cornille, PowerBar Vice President of Marketing. "For a long time, our products did not meet what athletes wanted. We're changing that, and are improving all of our products to meet consumer demands for the right macronutrients, lower sugar, whole food ingredients, easy-to-understand labels, and superior taste. As you'll soon hear, 'Welcome to the new us.'"

2016 New Products – The PowerBar Remix:

• New products designed to meet the energy needs of all athletes with improved ingredients, flavors and textures.

• PowerBar Protein Shakes: Made with 30 grams of high quality protein, 2 grams of sugar and 160 calories, PowerBar shakes help rebuild muscle, replace a meal or can be used as a healthy and great tasting snack on the go. Available in Chocolate and Vanilla flavors.

• Reduced Sugar PowerBar ProteinPlus 20g bars: Made with 20 grams of high quality protein, 3 grams of sugar and 200 calories, these bars can be used after a workout or as a satisfying snack throughout the day. Available in flavorful Lemon Poppy Seed or Chocolate Peanut Butter flavors.

• PowerBar Simple Fruit Energy Food: Made with a welcome dose of real fruit and MAXENERGY blend for fast energy to muscles while exercising, these delicious gel purees are gluten free and 100 calories. Available in Apple Mixed Berry, Apple Pear Raspberry, and Apple Orange Lemon.