Silk® introduced Silk ULTRA – one of the first multi-serve beverages on the market with 20g of complete plant-based protein for muscle maintenance and repair.
Geared toward athletes who always strive to perform at their ultra, both in their workouts and their life, Silk ULTRA is an excellent source of calcium and vitamins A and D, as well as vitamins B2 and B12, which help the body turn food into energy. Better yet, because good taste is the leading factor in nutrition drink selection1, Silk ULTRA has a smooth and finish without the chalky, gritty taste people often associate with protein supplements and beverages.
Silk ULTRA can be consumed straight out of the carton, in a smoothie or even over cereal. It is available in multi-serve cartons in Creamy Chocolate, Unsweet, and Original, which contains 2.5 times the protein of traditional dairy milk2.
Silk ULTRA is available in multi-serve cartons (SRP: $4.99 / 59oz carton) in the refrigerated section at grocery stores nationwide.
1 Mintel: Sports, Nutrition and Performance Drinks, US – March 2019
2 Silk ULTRA Original: 20g protein per cup; Reduced Fat Milk: 8g protein per cup. USDA, ARS. FoodData Central, 2020.