Watson Inc. is proud to announce the addition of five roundtable discussions to be held at its booth during the IFT Food Expo convention in Chicago. The roundtables will provide an opportunity for learning, discussion, and the sharing of ideas and innovation. Roundtable attendees will be encouraged to ask questions, propose challenges, and discuss solutions to those challenges facing the food and beverage industry today.

One round table will focus on Spray Drying. Amit Sinha, a process innovation engineer at Watson, will lead this discussion group. The topics discussed will depend upon the interests and applications of those attending, however some of the areas covered will include an overview of spray drying technology, the benefits of spray drying in food and beverage products, processing conditions, and challenges. Applications for spray drying will also be discussed.

There will also be a roundtable discussion on granulation and agglomeration led by Gary Wada, process and technology operations director at Watson. Wada will share his knowledge from more than 30 years of experience in the industry.

The discussion is designed to be flexible, based on the attendees and their interests. Subject matter will include the benefits agglomeration provides, including flowability, uniform weight, uniformity in the blend, and preventing segregation of ingredients in a blend.

Wada will review the technology available for granulations: fluid bed, high shear, and chilsonation. Fluid bed granulations are known for their porosity, and ability to dissolve by wicking liquid through interstitial void space, dissolving from the inside out, whereas high shear granulations and chilsonated granules are known for dissolving by erosion only. Even after compression, fluid bed granules dissolve faster than those made by high shear or chilsonation. Instantizing is a subset of agglomeration, used for the specific purpose of helping powders to mix better with a liquid.

Watson will host a roundtable discussion on microencapsulation technologies. Alice Wilkinson, vice president of nutritional innovation; and Gary Wada, process and technology operations director at Watson, will co-chair this roundtable.

The discussion will cover the applications and benefits of different microencapsulation technologies, such as hot melt, solvent-based, and aqueous. Wilkinson and Wada will also answer questions regarding coating technologies and the considerations which must be made in the selection of coating materials. The benefits of microencapsulation, including taste-masking, odor-masking, modified release, and barrier coatings to prevent ingredient interactions and degradation, also will be reviewed.

Wilkinson also will lead a roundtable discussion on trust and transparency in the food industry. Wilkinson explains why knowing a product meets label claim is crucial to the brand manufacturer. The brand manufacturer needs a comprehensive understanding of the critical control points that influence the quality of their end product.

In the nutrition industry, effective quality control is essential. When a product contains lower nutrient levels than is stated on the label, quality control procedures are failing. In this presentation, viewers will learn what factors manufacturers should be most concerned about, and what steps to take to ensure label claims are met.

Mary Watson will be leading a roundtable discussion on the use of color as visual cues in the food and beverage industry. Watson heads up Watson’s Edible Film Division. Participants in this round table will also have an opportunity to work hands-on with Watson’s Edible Glitter™ in a variety of food and beverage applications. Areas covered will include elimination of artificial colors in formulation.

The benefits of Custom Nutrient Premixes will be the topic of Watson’s final roundtable. The premix roundtable will be hosted by Alice Wilkinson. Wilkinson will cover topics including the selection of the best nutrient forms for the final product, as well as blending techniques.

Registration will open on May 2, 2016.

Additional information on these events and registration can be found on the Watson website at this link info.watson-inc.com/ift-2016.

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