Naturex, the specialist in plant-based natural ingredients, has released a topical newsletter titled “Bright Days ahead for Innovative Natural Colors.” This document summarizes the latest news about the global food coloring market and Naturex’s vision for the market’s great innovation potential.

Color: A New Path for Innovation 

In a changing world market where consumer expectations for natural products are already established, Naturex, the natural coloring expert, offers manufacturers a new approach to assist them in their switch from synthetic to natural coloring.

While this transition is inevitable all over the world (and has already happened in Europe), the question is not “when?” but “how?” Advances in the world of natural coloring are broadening the prospects for ways in which natural food coloring can be used. Nature offers an infinite range of cleaner, more powerful, more stable and nutritious color solutions, with more anti-oxidant properties.

In an ultra-competitive market, there is immense potential for innovation for companies that are constantly reinventing themselves. What if the food industry viewed the switch from synthetic to natural food coloring as a stepping stone towards innovation?

Download the report here.