HP Hood announced the launch of two new sweet flavors: Hood Cottage Cheese with Honey & Pear and Cottage Cheese with Maple & Vanilla Flavor Added. The new flavors will bring consumers a flavor experience while offering a good source of protein and calcium.

Both flavors start with Hood Cottage Cheese ingredients to fulfill sweet cravings in a healthier way. Honey & Pear mixes in crisp, pears and subtle honey, while Maple & Vanilla Flavor Added combines nature-inspired maple with vanilla. The new additions extend the brand’s existing product line and are available in dairy cases throughout the Northeast in 16-ounce containers.

“When it comes to good nutrition, it’s about what you leave out (like excess calories) as well as what you add in (like protein),” said Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD, nutrition consultant for Hood. “These new flavors are a protein-forward choice that also provide other valuable nutrients, such as calcium, and are a great alternative to highly-refined foods like pastries.”

The new flavors provide a way to fill the void between meals, and are a better option than go-to snacks; swap a maple walnut muffin for half a cup of the Cottage Cheese with Maple & Vanilla Flavor Added topped with chopped walnuts (165 less calories and 7 more grams of protein), or choose half a cup of Cottage Cheese with Honey & Pear on a slice of whole grain toast over a large cranberry orange scone (214 less calories and 8 grams more protein).