Hiland Dairy Foods Company announced six new additions to its ice cream lineup for summer 2016: Homemade Vanilla, Caramel Coffee, Mint Chip, Sea Salt Caramel Espresso, Red Velvet Cake and French Silk.

  • Sea Salt Caramel Espresso kicks things up a notch by adding chocolate espresso flakes and swirls of caramel to coffee ice cream with a dash of natural sea salt
  • Homemade Vanilla gives consumers that fresh-from-the-churn taste memories are made of
  • Caramel Coffee features coffee ice cream interspersed with ribbons of sweet, sticky caramel
  • Mint Chip is a classic summer flavor in which crunchy semi-sweet chocolate chips punctuate creamy mint ice cream
  • Red Velvet Cake includes pieces of real red velvet cake and tangy cream cheese
  • French Silk offers chocolate lovers a decadent combination of chocolate ice cream and chocolate flakes

"Consumers are going to enjoy these new flavors," said Gary Aggus, president of Hiland Dairy. "We're offering a range of options for just about every taste profile, from classic to the current taste craze." He continued, "We're proud to add these six new flavors to our growing ice cream family."

Hiland Ice Cream is made with pure and fresh Hiland Dairy milk. Hiland milk is sourced from local farmer-owners, contains no artificial growth hormones and is tested for antibiotics, thus ensuring customers are getting the wholesome quality they expect from Hiland Dairy.