The Thomas'® brand, creators and bakers of the original Nooks & Crannies® English Muffins, introduced Thomas'® Grillers XL English Muffins — a larger version of the iconic breakfast staple that serves as the perfect bun alternative for any and all summer grilling recipes.

Thomas'® Grillers XL English Muffins will be available seasonally at grocery stores and other major food retailers in the Northeastern region, including key cities such as New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore. Thomas'® Grillers XL English Muffins' crunchy exterior and light and airy Nooks and Crannies® interior combine for a unique bun option that is useful for family cookouts this summer season. Grilling connoisseurs looking to shake up their favorite burger recipes can enjoy Thomas'® Grillers XL English Muffins alongside their summertime standards, and with eight English Muffins per pack, there's enough for the whole party.

"Thomas'® Original English Muffins have long been a breakfast staple, but our Thomas'® Grillers XL English Muffins open the door for consumers to enjoy their favorite product in a whole new and exciting way," said Jon Silvon, Senior Marketing Director of Thomas'® products. "Thomas'® signature Nooks and Crannies® texture pairs perfectly with juicy burgers, and our larger size offers the perfect complement to our favorite sandwich recipes as everyone fires up their grills this summer."