Laird Hamilton, a famous big wave surfer and co-inventor of tow-in surfing and paddleboarding, realized that there were limited healthy alternatives to the standard powdered coffee creamers, most of which contain hydrogenated oils, so he launched Laird Superfood to develop a line of “Superfood Creamer” products. Laird’s Superfood Creamers are dairy-free, and based on the ingredients he has been using for years in his own coffee to give him a competitive edge.

These Superfood Creamers contain healthy “MCT” fats and oils from coconuts along with ingredients like “Aquamin.” Not surprisingly, Aquamin just won the 2016 Ingredient of the Year award in the Healthy Aging category (2016 NutraIngredients, Geneva). It is a unique calcified sea algae that provides bioavailable calcium and 72 other trace minerals that can enhance bone, joint and digestive health. Laird explains: “Originally I created these products for a physical and mental boost for myself and friends for pre and post workouts. As everyone who sampled them continued to ask where they could buy them, I decided to launch the company to enable everyone to benefit.” Laird’s primary objective is to bring the highest-quality ingredients to the mass market. He identifies innovative ways to reduce costs and enable affordability.

In addition to his Laird Superfood Creamer line, Laird has released what he calls “The Best Coffee in the World.” This is a high-altitude, organic-certified, wet-processed, low-acid coffee bean grown in Peru. Other products include Organic Dried Coconut Nectar for sweetener, a Performance and Energy Mushroom Blend, and InstaFuel, an instant coffee/creamer combo. Laird intends to expand his line of Superfood products to continue to provide healthier and quality food and beverage products to the mass market.