Roka Bioscience, Inc., a molecular diagnostics company focused on providing advanced testing solutions for the detection of foodborne pathogens, will launch a new technology-based environmental auditing program during a co-presented webcast titled: Play FDA for a day: Criminalization of foodborne illness & what you can do to protect your company. Webcast topics include:

• Navigating the regulatory environment

• Impact of Whole Genome Sequencing

• Importance of using more accurate pathogen detection technology

• How to self-audit your food facilities to avoid unwanted regulatory or criminal exposure with the support of experienced legal counsel

This free webcast will take place on Wednesday, October 5th at 2:00PM EST.

The webcast will be led by experienced Food Safety Attorney, Shawn Stevens of Food Industry Counsel LLC, who will address the potential personal criminal liability that food manufacturing executives and managers now face under the FDA’s “War on Pathogens”. He will also outline the parameters of the internal auditing process companies should adopt in order to prepare for the pending FDA “swab-a-thons”, and ultimately improve the effectiveness of their preventative control program. “Ensuring your CEO stays out of prison is a great ROI,” said Shawn Stevens, and continued: ”Food company executives and managers need to perform additional testing to see what FDA will find, and then correct it, before FDA arrives in their facility. This is critically important because FDA’s findings can now lead to additional recalls and even criminal prosecution.” stated Shawn K. Stevens.

Roka’s Chief Commercial Officer, Mary Duseau, will launch the self-auditing program that companies can adopt and which is expected to provide the industry with a path for a simple, effective “Play FDA for a Day” audit using advanced technology designed to identify the potential hidden risks in a food processing facility, before it becomes a regulatory or consumer health issue. “We believe that offering a simple package of advanced testing and guidance will be a great value for food processors as they navigate through a changing food safety environment, and we are excited about our strategic relationship with Shawn Stevens, a noted food industry expert, for this initiative,” said Mary Duseau.

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