PLT Health Solutions will exhibit at SupplySide West in Las Vegas, Booth MM143, and introduce a coconut water powder to the Vibrant Harvest® Whole Food Powders line.

Have you been searching for a source of high quality, great tasting coconut water powder that works the way you need it to in your formulation? Your search may be over.

New Vibrant Harvest Coconut Water Powder has several features and formulation benefits. They include:

• Great, sweet taste from young green coconuts
• Free-flowing powder
• Certified organic
• Sustainably sourced

Plus, the Vibrant Harvest drying process ensures that it is among the most nutritious coconut water powders available.

The patented drying process for Vibrant Harvest is the key to its special qualities. Within minutes, Radiant Zone Drying turns fruits and vegetables into powders. It does so by targeting the water molecules and not the nutrients. This results in the highest level of nutrient retention .

At the same time, this process preserves the color and flavor of the original. The particle shape of Vibrant Harvest powders offers low dusting, excellent dispersibility and solubility. A very low moisture content means an extra-long shelf-life.

These powders help contribute great taste, color and nutrition to supplements, powders and bar applications.

PLT offers an extensive range of fruit and vegetable powders and juice powders. Based on individual requirements, PLT also can custom develop just about any type of product. With Vibrant Harvest, manufacturers can develop enticing front-of-pack claims that will delight consumer customers.

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