In order to always offer more Swiss chocolate to the world,, which has over 150 references, adds a new one with the biggest Toblerone tablet available on the market: a milk Toblerone of 4.5 Kg (150 ounces).

"So far, we have proposed the Toblerone of 50g, 100g and 400g. We felt it was important to complete the range," confirms Yolanda Ballén, founder of the site.

In addition to the unusual tablets like the Toblerone Crunchy Almonds and Coconut, this new offering will meet the highest expectations in terms of Swiss chocolate.

"The biggest challenge has been to ensure our high standards in terms of quality, also for this unconventional size." Indeed, despite these extreme measurements (up to 80 cm long), the experience of the Helvetia expert in delicacies will be used to send you from Switzerland to your home, in the USA for example in four days. Of course the highest levels of isothermal protection will be used for the parcel.