The new edition of Passport Nutrition is out and with that a whole set of exciting data to unveil. This time, not only will we discover the nutrients purchased from Packaged Food (PF) and Soft Drinks (SD), but also Fresh Foods (FF) and Alcoholic Drinks (AD). With malnutrition, and diet-related diseases still on the rise, the world has been busy with public health appeals, calls for action and changes in nutrition regulations. A few to name are the Global Nutrition Report 2016 published by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), the new Public Health England’s (PHE) Childhood Obesity strategy, or the announcement of the UK soft drinks tax planned to come into play in 2018.

In this piece Euromonitor International explores some of the heavily-targeted nutrients in our diets, such as sugar and salt, and some other interesting and surprising findings on protein and alcohol.

Key findings:

· The average daily consumption of calories in the world is 1,398 calories, with the lowest seen in India at 761 calories per capita per day to the highest in Belgium at 2,559 calories per capita per day.

· While Fresh Food alone contributes 30 grams of protein per capita per day globally, Packaged Food tops it up with an additional 16 grams per capita per day.

· The global purchase of sugar is currently 140 million tonnes per year, and is expected to rise up to 156 million tonnes over the 2015-2020 forecast period.

· In per capita terms Packaged Food, Soft Drinks, and Fresh Food on average contribute 73 grams of sugar a day, which translates to over 18 teaspoons of sugar.

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