Gold'n Plump SHAKERS is a line of fresh, three-step-prep chicken breast strip kits, to shake up your everyday. The Shakers line is a healthy option, providing made-from-scratch quality in just three easy steps and under 20 minutes. The new line is just in time for back-to-school meals and the seasonal shift to more indoor cooking, and fits perfectly with consumers' growing desire for semi-homemade foods.

"As schedules get more hectic, people tend to prepare last-minute meals, and want products that offer quick-and-easy prep and the enjoyment of making something themselves," explains Tracy Miller, GNP Company Director of Product Innovation & Management.1,2 "The Shakers line offers, ready-to-cook fresh chicken raised with No Antibiotics–Ever; more preparation involvement with minimal extra work; and superior quality and flavor compared to similar frozen products."

Unlike some other breaded chicken products, Shakers are sold fresh not frozen. Plus, they have no added solution, preservatives or artificial flavors and are lower in sodium. The new items are made with chicken "raised with No Antibiotics–Ever" and carry the American Humane CertifiedTM seal.

Shakers start with 100% boneless skinless breast strips sized for snacking or as ingredients in pasta, salads, wraps or sandwiches. Packets of bold, on-trend seasoned breadcrumbs add adventurous, ethnic flavors and a crunch that adults and kids crave. "The breading is made with Panko-style breadcrumbs which are widely popular today and professional chefs' go-to ingredient for adding texture," Miller explains. "And visible spices and herbs in the breading add appetite and homemade appeal as well."

Consumers simply Pour, Shake, Bake: 1) open the outer pouch, pour the strips and seasoned breading into the shaker bag, zip shut 2) Shake; and 3) bake or pan-fry. There's no touch and less mess. "Our in-home usage tests found that consumers just love the no-touch, semi-scratch, less-mess and better-for-me features of the Shakers, as well as their versatility," Miller says. "The product is really fun to use and a way to get the whole family involved in the kitchen."

Shakers are available in five flavors including: Savory, Sweet Chili, Jamaican, Honey Barbeque, and Chipotle Adobo. Each 20-ounce kit includes 16 ounces of fresh, whole muscle chicken breast strips in an easy-to-open pouch, 4 ounces of seasoned breadcrumbs, and a zip-seal bag for shaking. Shaker items have a suggested retail price of $5.99 per 20-ounce kit. Shakers are available at finer supermarkets and select Target stores throughout the US.