Gold’n Plump®, the flagship brand of the Midwest’s leading chicken producer GNP Company®, is adding a new line of fresh, three-step prep chicken breast strip kits that provide high quality meals and snacks in under 20 minutes. The new Gold’n Plump SHAKERS line fits within the growing semi-homemade food trend that grocery expert Phil Lempert calls an “unbelievable opportunity” for grocery retailers.

Gold’n Plump Shakers are made from 100% whole muscle boneless skinless chicken breast meat raised with No Antibiotics–Ever. Each kit features a packet of bold, on-trend seasoned breading made with popular Panko breadcrumbs and adventurous and ethnic flavors of Savory, Sweet Chili, Jamaican, Honey Barbeque, or Chipotle Adobo. The new products are scheduled to begin shipping in early September 2016 and begin appearing on-shelf mid-month—just in time for back-to-school and the seasonal shift to more indoor cooking.

“The value-added meat category continues to grow as nearly half of consumers, particularly millennials, plan last-minute meals,” says Tracy Miller, Gold’n Plump Director of Product Innovation & Management. Studies show consumers desire convenience along with the experience and enjoyment of making food themselves.

IRI data reported in the Power of Meat 2016 indicates the value-added meat category has grown 6.4% to $4 billion in sales over the past year. And fresh chicken nuggets lead the nugget category growth, up 25% in dollars and 39% in pounds versus last year. “Fresh, ready-to-cook chicken products offer more preparation involvement with very little extra work, plus superior quality and flavor compared to similar frozen products,” Miller explains.

Unlike most other breaded chicken products, Gold’n Plump Shakers are sold fresh with no added solution, preservatives or artificial flavors, plus they are lower in sodium than many competitive products. Each 20-ounce kit includes 16 ounces of fresh, whole muscle chicken breast strips in an easy-to-open pouch, 4 ounces of seasoned breadcrumbs, and a zip-seal bag for shaking. Consumers simply open the kit, pour the strips and seasoned breadcrumbs together in the bag, zip shut, shake and then bake. There’s no need to touch the chicken and the kit is designed for less mess. Bold colors on packaging differentiate flavors for simpler selection. The Gold’n Plump Shakers product is sized just right for light meals or snacks for five people.

“Consumers who tested Gold’n Plump Shakers loved the no-touch, healthy, semi-scratch and less-mess and versatile attributes,” Miller explains. The new line also offers the raised with “No Antibiotics–Ever” attribute, which is important to 36% of chicken shoppers when buying chicken, and the American Humane Certified seal, a humanely raised label claim that encourages purchase for 33% of chicken shoppers.