Synergy Flavors Inc., a leading supplier of flavors, extracts and essences for the global food and beverage industry, and a major producer of vanilla extracts, has provided a brighter future for some of the people in a disadvantaged, remote area of Madagascar. 

The company funded two projects to provide better access to primary education for Malagasy children from the vanilla growing SAVA region. This initiative is a way for the company to give back to the underprivileged community of growers who have been at the heart of Synergy’s success for decades.

Working with the Madagascar Development Fund, a non-profit, non-governmental organization which partners with charitable organizations and individuals to help finance and manage developmental projects throughout Madagascar, Synergy Flavors provided funding to build and furnish two new schools. 

The schools were constructed near Sambava in the SAVA region which is known as the world’s capital of vanilla. Despite being the source of nearly 80% of the world’s vanilla beans, the local population of growers live in extreme poverty. As a whole, Madagascar is among the poorest countries on earth, and in 2015 was ranked as number 10 by The World Bank.

Because of the poverty level, the Malagasy children do not have proper access to basic education. Not only are there very few primary schools in the SAVA region, those in existence are often overcrowded and do not meet acceptable health and hygiene standards. Madagascar is one of the lowest in terms of school attendance in the world.

Aspiring to provide new opportunity and hope, this project funded the construction of two three-classroom, weatherproof buildings equipped with furniture including benches for the students and desks for the teachers. The construction of these new school buildings for Besopaka and Ambohitrakongona primary schools will provide the facilities that will be able to accommodate hundreds of additional children who were unable to gain an education due to lack of space.

 “As a major producer of vanilla extracts and flavors, sustainability across the supply chain is extremely important to us and it starts with people,” says Rod Sowders, Synergy Flavors president and CEO. “With the building of new schools, we can make a difference and help enhance the quality of life for some of these families. I am very proud that Synergy Flavors has completed these two schools and we look forward to working on additional projects in the SAVA region in the near future.” 

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