The Research Chefs Association (RCA) recently refreshed its brand. The organization revealed RCA’s new mission, enhanced vision, refreshed tagline and redesigned logo at the 2017 RCA Annual Conference & Culinology® Expo in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

At the end of 2016, RCA embarked on an extension research venture to better establish its brand. Through qualitative research and an analysis of the competitive landscape, the organization revisited the building blocks of RCA’s brand. With the support of an RCA task force who provided expertise and counsel in the brand development, the association successfully launched its new positioning and visual identity.

As a pioneer in the discipline of Culinology®, the Research Chefs Association integrates food science and culinary arts expertise to elevate product development.

The Research Chefs Association cultivates collaborations between the chefs and food science professionals who develop food to increase innovation, quality and speed-to-market.

Blending culinary arts and food sciences

Representing the blending of the chefs and the food scientists, the logo supports the brand tagline “blending culinary arts and food sciences” through the use of an Erlenmeyer flask and the chef’s knife and whisk, coming together to create one visual icon. The organization chose to keep the red from the previous logo for brand equity with the idea of looking forward with reverence for the past.