Once Upon a Farm, maker of cold-pressed, organic baby foods for all stages of infant development, announced the launch of a new snacking innovation for applesauce lovers everywhere, Applesauce Adventures. Once Upon a Farm Applesauce Adventures will be available in three flavors: Straight From The Apple Tree, Spiced Apple and Sweet As Apple Pie. The vibrant blends are made with USDA Certified Organic apples from orchards in Washington state, and offer a juicy, fresh-from-the-farm take on a childhood snack. 
Unlike other applesauce options, Once Upon a Farm Applesauce Adventures are crafted with whole, organic apples, hand-picked by farmers, resulting in pure and flavorful blends that can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere. Like all Once Upon a Farm products, the blends are made with high pressure pascalization (HPP); a cold pressure process that preserves the nutrients, flavors, aromas, colors and textures of the whole, fresh ingredients. Applesauce Adventures are perfect as a snack straight out of the pouch, on top of yogurt, as an egg replacement in recipes or in a yummy smoothie. Conveniently packaged in re-sealable pouches for snacking at home or on-the-go, shoppers can purchase the blends in four-pack boxes for $6.99.