ClearVia™, a clinically tested probiotic that naturally supports the body's ability to metabolize alcohol, launched nationwide.  A proprietary probiotic blend, ClearVia helps the body's natural ability to break down alcohol while sleeping so after a night of enjoying a few drinks busy professionals can wake up clear and ready to take on their day. 

The single-use, fast-dissolving, caffeine-free packets can be taken with water after an evening of drinking and before going to sleep. The orange flavored powder dissolves in the mouth allowing drinkers to wake up clear and sharp.

According to a recent Gallup poll, nearly two thirds of Americans drink alcohol. Most Americans who drink alcohol do so regularly, as 67% reported having had at least one drink in the past week; 32% of Americans reported they had between one and seven drinks in the past week.

The body can take a while to metabolize alcohol, often leaving drinkers with the lingering, groggy effects the next day.  ClearVia's unique offering is that it's a probiotic, and like other probiotics it supports the body's natural function.  It specifically works by providing support to the liver so it can better metabolize alcohol. The probiotic blend helps turn troublesome acetaldehyde, that is formed when the body incompletely metabolizes alcohol, into mild acetic acid (vinegar).  The more acetaldehyde build up someone has in their body the worse off they will feel in the morning.  As people age, their body becomes less efficient at metabolizing alcohol. The activity of the enzymes necessary to process acetaldehyde decreases, which means it spends more time hanging out in the body causing unpleasant feelings in the morning.