Dole Packaged Foods introduced the first Keto Certified Frozen Fruit Blend, the Dole® Keto Berry Blend, and a line of three new Dole Boosted Blends™. Each is designed to help support nutrition goals and can be used to make a convenient, ready-to-blend smoothie.

The new Dole Keto Berry Blend is specially formulated to meet the Keto certification criteria allowing only 8g net carbs per serving, using low sugar and high fiber fruits, and healthy fats.  Each package includes raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, avocado and a touch of stevia – hand-picked at peak ripeness, and carefully washed and flash frozen to lock in flavor and nutrition. 

The Dole Keto Berry Blend meets the needs of serious Keto diet followers and the "Keto-curious" by offering an easy way to add fruit to a Keto diet. With zero added sugars, and a good source of dietary fiber and excellent source of Vitamin C, The Dole Keto Berry Blend is also certified Kosher, Gluten-Free, and Non-GMO, for a nutritious snack.

Quick and easy to prepare, just combine 4oz of Dole Keto Berry Blend with 6oz of water and blend for a tasty 10oz finished smoothie. Each 12oz resealable package yields three 10oz servings, and retails for approximately $3.99-4.49.

The line of new Dole Boosted Blends each feature a combination of fruit and boosted cubes for a smoothie kit packed with nutrition to start your day off right. Choose between Dole Boosted Blends Protein with whey and almond butter for 10g of protein, Dole Boosted Blends Energize with matcha green tea, or Dole Boosted Blends Vita-C with 220% of your daily value of Vitamin C per serving. All Dole Boosted Blends are free of added sugars and use sun-ripened fruit picked at peak freshness and flash frozen to maximize nutrition.

Dole Boosted Blends include:

• Dole Boosted Blends Protein: Sun-ripened blueberries and creamy banana blend with a protein boost of whey and almond butter to deliver a smoothie that packs 10g of protein per serving.
• Dole Boosted Blends Energize: Juicy mango, golden pineapple and creamy banana blend with an energizing boost of matcha green tea to deliver an invigorating smoothie, rich in Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C.
• Dole Boosted Blends Vita-C: Sun-ripened strawberries and golden pineapple blend perfectly with Vitamin C-rich acerola - a vibrant, tropical fruit. This smoothie contains Iron, Manganese and Vitamin C.

Each 32oz resealable package yields four servings, and retails for approximately $9.99-10.99.