Ready Pac Foods, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bonduelle), announced it will expand into the growing Fresh Meal Category with the introduction of its new Fresh Prep'd™ brand of fresh meals. Beginning in September, the brand will launch two innovative product lines: Fresh Prep'd Soup Kits and Fresh Prep'd Wrap Kits. The product lines will deliver fresh, healthy and convenient meal options with bold tastes and on-trend flavor profiles.

Over the last year, the Fresh Prepared Meal Category has grown 8.9%, making it an $8.3 billion category and growing more than two times the total of the food and beverage category in the US Entering the fastest growing category allows Ready Pac Foods to continue to position itself as the leader in fresh prepared meal solutions and give more people the freedom to eat healthier.

According to custom research conducted by Ready Pac Foods, consumers struggle to find solutions that meet all of their needs for convenient, fresh, healthy and great tasting meals. They told the company that options available today throughout the grocery store often force them to compromise on one or more of these important needs, foregoing great taste for convenience or healthy options for flavor. With the introduction of Fresh Prep'd branded products, consumers will soon enjoy delicious and satisfying options that are both convenient and healthy.

The launch of Fresh Prep'd not only expands Ready Pac Foods into the Fresh Meal Category, but also infuses it with true innovation. Fresh Prep'd Soup Kits are the first of their kind in the fresh soup category. Created with flavorful broths, on-trend ingredient combinations and fresh vegetables that maintain their great flavor and crisp texture, this is the only fresh soup prepared by the consumer right before enjoying. The Fresh Prep'd Wrap Kits feature high-quality ingredients, bold sauces and vegetables,  many inspired by the company's most popular Bistro Bowl® varieties. Consumers assemble their wrap right before mealtime allowing for a fully customizable experience with a fresh, never soggy, tortilla and crisp, crunchy vegetables, not possible previously with pre-prepared wraps.