Farmwise, LLC, makers of Veggie Fries® and Veggie Tots™, expands with a new family favorite: Cauliflower, White Bean & Onion Veggie Rings™.

With a blend of tender cauliflower, navy beans, and onions on the inside, and crunchy gluten-free breading on the outside, Veggie Rings are a healthier solution for those who love traditional onion rings. In addition to being packed with the extra veggie nutrition that comes from nutritious farm-grown vegetables and white beans, Veggie Rings™ also provides these benefits:

2 Vegetable servings in every 10 Rings.
Good source of Fiber.
4 grams of Protein per serving.
Good source of Vitamin C.
Non-GMO or gluten ingredients.

Free of the top eight allergens, including wheat/gluten, soy, dairy and nuts.

According to co-founders, Dave & Cristina Peters, "Veggie Rings delivers on the same principal as our other delicious products—offering consumers a healthier food option without sacrificing taste. We're proud to serve them to our own family." And with an exceptional nutritional profile, Veggie Rings are sure to delight busy families looking for healthier meal options.

Beginning in June, Veggie Rings will be available in the frozen aisle of select retailers, including Kroger, Market Basket, Hannaford, Stop & Shop, Giant, Jewel Osco, Wegmans, Lucky's Market.