Paqui Tortilla Chips, the brand best known for adventurous flavors, is introducing a new Spicy Queso variety that features a smoky kick of cheesy goodness.

Paqui created this new flavor for queso enthusiasts craving a snack that holds true to the taste of the Tex-Mex classic. Paired with Paqui's light, crispy chips and real ingredients, new Spicy Queso delivers an authentic flavor queso fans everywhere will love. 

"At Paqui we're all about pushing the limits of flavor. We wanted to tap into our Texas roots and bring a classic queso experience nationwide," said Jeff Day, Paqui brand manager. "We know our existing fans and people new to Paqui will love the cheese-forward flavor and subtle spice that builds as you reach into the bag for more and more."

Spicy Queso will deliver the same great taste and quality fans have come to expect from Paqui's products— a chip that is bursting with flavor, using simple, better-for-you ingredients. Spicy Queso joins the rest of Paqui's flavor lineup, which includes: Cool Salsa Verde, Nacho Cheese Especial, Haunted Ghost Pepper and Wild Wild Ranch.