, a healthy living site and premier fitness and wellness destination, released its food and pesticides report based on data from its popular MyPlate calorie tracker app collected over the past four years. Through its MyPlate app, reviewed over two million food items submitted by users and identified the top 40 foods Americans eat most often. While the report showed that tracked eating habits have become healthier, it brought to light the hard fact that, overall, Americans still tend to consume produce grown with pesticides, as opposed to organically grown produce.
Coffee leads the list as the most popular food, and it also happens to be highly sprayed with pesticides. With 54% of Americans drinking an average of three cups of coffee a day, choosing an organic option is a simple step to reducing pesticide exposure. The report revealed that milk, apples, tomatoes and spinach are also included in the top fifteen most popular foods. The results of the report has led to publish a shopper’s guide of essential foods to buy organically in an effort to reduce pesticide exposure and consumption.
“We are delighted to see that millions of MyPlate users are already making smart eating choices,” Jess Barron, General Manager of, stated. “In the interest of helping our audience make the healthiest of choices, we are releasing this report and hope that we become an ongoing and reliable resource to ensure the public is informed about the safest and most nutritious food options.”
Equipped with the latest technology, an easy to navigate interface, engaging and topically relevant content and 8.3 million users,’s MyPlate app has helped people lose over 80 million pounds of weight the healthy way through support from an active community as they track their daily eating and exercise habits.

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