On-Cor Frozen Foods has been bringing families together for dinner with their hearty entrées for more than 70 years. The company is now rolling out a brand refresh that includes product enhancements, packaging redesign and an innovative advertising campaign. The refresh, which began in April, continues to support the company’s mission to offer quality, multi-serve entrées that everyone loves.

“Life’s demanding enough, and we know dinner shouldn’t be,” said Dave Wetherton, vice president of retail sales. “That’s why we are excited to revitalize the iconic On-Cor brand and redesign the packaging. We’re enhancing our products to appeal to the shifting needs of today’s consumer—offering more nutrition at a great value.”

Tried-and-true entrées have evolved to include ingredients made to satisfy the needs of moms looking for convenient, quality dinner solutions for their families:

• A number of “Traditionals” entrées now have 20% more meat, including Salisbury Steaks, Sliced Turkey and Char-Broiled Patties

• The “Traditionals” Penne Pasta and Meatballs entrée now has 25% more meat

• The “Traditionals” Macaroni & Cheese entrée now uses 100% real cheese, and the “Selects” Lasagna with Meat Sauce uses real mozzarella cheese

• Entrées across the line no longer have monosodium glutamate (MSG) added

In addition to the product enhancements, On-Cor has redesigned its packaging, making it easier for consumers to view the nutrition content while shopping in their local grocery store's freezer aisle. “We take pride in our recipes and aim to cut through the clutter of confusing claims by making it easier for consumers to understand exactly what they are feeding their families,” added Wetherton.

“We hope the changes we’ve made to clearly call out our product features on our packaging help communicate the quality of the entrées we make, and that these changes will continue to give people a reason to come to the dinner table.”

Complementing the brand refresh, On-Cor will also roll out a new creative advertising campaign, which highlights the beloved brand as an “always easy, always satisfying and always ready” solution for “one of those nights.” The ad campaign will launch in October in select markets across the nation, including Chicago, Boston, Cleveland and Pittsburgh.