Eviva Collagen Elixir entered the fast-growing functional beverage market with an innovative, shelf stable collagen drink offered in three flavors – Cucumber Mint, Lemongrass Ginger and Lavender Lemon.  

Eviva brings nourishing collagen – known for its positive contributions to supporting healthy skin, hair, joints and bones – to consumers in a single-serve ready-to-drink refreshing beverage for optimal convenience and portability, all under a clean non-GMO and gluten-free label. According to founder and chief executive officer, Elaine Morrison, interest in collagen for its important health benefits is growing. 

“The health and nutrition communities have recognized the importance of collagen protein for some time,” she said.  “It’s exciting to now see an upsurge in awareness among the general public about collagen’s critical role in supporting good health.”  

Collagen is the most plentiful protein in the human body, but as aging occurs, starting in the 20s, the body’s ability to produce collagen slows, and it’s difficult for most people to eat a diet rich enough in collagen to supply sufficient amounts. Eviva Collagen Elixir contains two forms of best-quality absorbable collagen plus biotin without added sugar or artificial sweeteners and just 35 calories per 16.9 fluid ounce serving. It was Morrison’s own symptoms and diagnosis with an autoimmune disorder and companion skin condition that led her to discover the powerful benefits of taking collagen in supplement form.  

“The main difficulty I encountered in taking collagen daily was the inconvenience and mess involved in mixing it with other beverages,” she said.  
Following her recovery, Morrison not only wanted to share her positive “collagen experience” with others but also to develop a more enjoyable and convenient way to consume it and to more easily incorporate it into active lifestyles. After two years of research and development, the breakthrough result is Eviva Collagen Elixir, a shelf stable beverage that incorporates optimal levels of high-quality collagen protein without any mixing or mess.   

Eviva is currently available at select participating retail stores and can be purchased in a cost-saving 12-pack from the company’s website at www.DrinkEviva.com.