Already positioned as an innovation leader with protein ingredients, Essentia Protein Solutions has expanded and added Reduced Sodium Chicken Broth to its line of multi-species Broths, Stocks, Fats and Extracts.  Now available in both conventional and organic forms, these new reduced sodium chicken items will further strengthen Essentia’s line of clean label ingredients.

Reduced Sodium Chicken Broth can add brothy, roasted chicken notes for the foundation of a soup, sauce, or gravy application; or be used as a high protein, reduced sodium building block for a nutritional drink, bar, or snack application. Being able to provide high protein broth with a reduced sodium content and a clean label provides numerous desirable attributes for food developers to work with.

Essentia’s existing poultry ingredients already are 100% natural, contain no added MSG, and are non-allergenic.  Essentia also offers many organic and No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) versions of these ingredients to meet that growing market segment.  

“There is a lot of versatility in the application of our stocks and broths, they can be utilized as a meaty foundation, a nutritionally advantageous ingredient, a clean label ingredient with organic/NAE options, or a base for developing more complex flavors,” notes Kim Peterson, applications research specialist at Essentia Protein Solutions.

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Using advanced protein extraction and fractionation process, Essentia creates valuable protein solutions for the global food and nutrition industries. With over 30 years of experience in extracting protein, our mission is to create and deliver value through our products and know-how.  Driven by innovation and supported by our expertise, we aim to ensure real value through real innovation. 

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