Barbacoa Sabor, a brand of Blend LLC, launched its Original Recipe Beef Jerky in the Midwest region at participating Costco Wholesale Corporation locations.

Barbacoa Sabor's mission is to bring the traditional flavors of barbacoa – the special technique of cooking meat slowly over an open fire or underground covered with maguey or banana leaves – directly into the consumers' hands. By using 100% premium beef that is marinated with authentic, robust spices, the brand has created a juicy, tender meat snack with a flavor profile and texture that emulates those meats made with the barbacoa method. Barbacoa Sabor shares the rich tastes of Mexico in a way that no other food brand has before.

While many jerky brands inject flavors into their meats, Barbacoa Sabor employs a unique small batch marinating process to its product. The benefits of the marinade process include the ability to evenly spread flavor around all the meat by hand, versus automated machinery, all while using ingredients that are never compromised. The result is a tender gluten free, high protein and low-fat meat snack.