Dieffenbach's Potato Chips Inc. introduced the "It's Good to be Ugly" campaign aimed at Reducing Waste and Fighting Hunger.

Dieffenbach's launched its newest brand, Uglies® in 2017 at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. Uglies® are made with potatoes that have slight cosmetic imperfections and may otherwise be discarded. More than just a snack, Uglies® kettle-cooked potato chips offer a solution to the food-waste problem in America while partnering with farmers in the surrounding areas.

Since the initial launch of the product at last year's Farm Show, Dieffenbach's has saved more than 350,000 pounds of potatoes from going to waste, with many of those potatoes coming from Pennsylvania Farmers.

According to Nevin Dieffenbach, Owner and CEO of Dieffenbach's Potato Chips Inc, food waste in the US continues to plague the nation even though approximately 15.6 million households suffered from food insecurity at sometime this past year. He says, "Currently 40% of food produced in the US goes uneaten. We hope to impact that percentage by using potatoes that farmers would likely be throwing away due to minor imperfections. Snacking should be enjoyable and we're proud that with Uglies®, it has an even larger impact."