Editor's Note: Watch the video below to learn more about Chefs Cut Real Jerky Mini Sticks.

Chefs Cut Real Jerky Co. introduced Mini Sticks, a small-portion (0.5-ounce) meat stick, which can be understood as a snack for kids and adults alike. Like all Chef’s Cut products, the meat snacks are gluten- and nitrite-free and made with real meats and recognizable ingredients.

Each pantry-friendly bag contains seven individually wrapped meat sticks. Mini Sticks are a way to include pint-sized protein to gym bags, lunch boxes, desk drawers or automobiles.

Chef’s Cut Mini Sticks are available in two varieties – Original Smokehouse (beef & pork) and Barbecue (chicken). The sticks contain 7-8g of protein and 60-100 calories, depending on flavor.