Voke® are all-natural tabs that provide you with mental clarity and energizing focus. These tabs don’t come with the jitters or “crash” effect that generally accompany other “energizing products.” Voke also contains no sugar, artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors.

Voke’s convenient tin fits easily into pockets or purses and works for three hours of smooth energy and mental acuity after consuming just one tab. This magical tablet is great for waking up in the morning, getting through long afternoons at work, long commutes, road trips, air travel or staying strong through a workout. The company suggests taking Voke® before important meetings or public speaking engagements for heightened mental focus and increased energy. 

Voke® uses the Guarana Berry which is one of the world’s best natural sources for improving mental acuity. The unique combination of pure Guarana with a moderate amount of natural caffeine from Green Tea is what enables Voke® to deliver a consistent and dependable mental lift without jittery side effects.