Reser’s Fine Foods, a brand of fresh deli salads, now offers retailers four new deli salad flavors in convenient 1- and 3-pound containers: Stadium Cole Slaw, Deviled Egg Macaroni Salad, Southern Style Potato Salad with Egg, and New York Style Potato Salad. Created for broad appeal, Reser’s salads are made with high quality ingredients, and without high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors or colors. 
Product Pairings
In addition to the Stadium Cole Slaw, Reser’s blended two fan-favorites to create Deviled Egg Macaroni Salad, a combination with a dressing reminiscent of deviled eggs. The Southern Style with Egg Potato Salad has a touch of sweetness and is enjoyable on its own or as a side dish. Influenced by New York delicatessens, the New York Style Potato Salad is made with classic ingredients and is especially delicious when served with grilled meats and vegetables.
Four New Reser’s Deli Salads:
Stadium Cole Slaw 15-ounce and 2.75-pound
With a distinct combination of fresh cabbage, mayonnaise, mustard, sweet and dill relishes, ketchup and a dash of hot sauce, this new Slaw is delicious served as a relish on hot dogs, brats or pulled pork sliders.
Deviled Egg Macaroni Salad 16-ounce and 3-pound
The salad features tender elbow macaroni, fresh celery, chopped red bell pepper, and white onion tossed in a rich dressing reminiscent of deviled eggs.
Southern Style Potato Salad with Egg 16-ounce and 3-pound
With a rich Southern flavor enhanced by sweet pickle relish and hard cooked eggs, this potato salad has mustard, red peppers, celery, carrots and onions in a creamy dressing.
New York Style Potato Salad 16-ounce and 3-pound
Simple and delicious, this salad is inspired by New York delicatessens and made with classic ingredients like russet potatoes, creamy mayonnaise, and a touch of onion.