Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) is shaking up the dairy industry and shifting milk's status quo with the launch of Mülü. Mülü is otherwise known as milk – an energy-packed, vitamin-rich, one-ingredient superdrink.

Milk offers 8g of high-quality protein per every eight ounce serving, more calcium than seven cups of broccoli and five essential vitamins (A, D, B2, B12 and B3) – all without added sugar.

"Milk has been around for thousands of years, and during that time, the new and flashy has overshadowed what we know to be true," said Monica Massey, senior vice president and chief of staff at Dairy Farmers of America. "Research shows milk provides nutrition that is an important part of a balanced diet that no other beverage can deliver. Dairy has the power to nourish the body, bring joy to your day and enhance the way we experience food."

DFA's Mülü campaign repackaged milk with a new, modern look and a fresh name, along with an interesting marketing campaign. The Mülü campaign coincided with World Milk Day, a day recognized by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to share and celebrate the important contributions that the dairy industry adds to nutrition, sustainability, economic development and livelihoods.

In addition to online videos, social channels, billboards and a website to tease and intrigue consumers about the launch of Mülü, DFA, in Kansas City, their headquarters, took Mülü to the streets on June 1 to share the benefits of milk. 

"Ultimately, we strive to make an impact with the Mülü campaign, hoping to pleasantly surprise consumers and reintroduce a household staple that we don't always remember to appreciate," said Massey. "World Milk Day and Mülü celebrate what milk has always been: a drink with incredible benefits, fit for adults and kids alike."