Global ingredient solutions provider Ingredion Incorporated introduced a virtual lab called, “INSIDE IDEA LABS™.” The interactive online portal serves as an extension of the global network of Ingredion Idea Labs® innovation centers. It is equipped with resources and content developed by the same experts who partner with customers at the company’s brick-and-mortar labs around the world.

The development of on-demand digital support reflects the company’s long-standing commitment to innovation. The virtual lab, available at and first developed to serve the US beverage segment, makes Ingredion Idea Labs science-based problem solving more readily available to customers pursuing increased agility and speed to market. 

“New technologies in the lab and throughout the supply chain are spurring opportunities for customers large and small,” says Michael O’Riordan, vice president, business development at Ingredion. “INSIDE IDEA LABS allows us to expand the reach of our technical services, sharing our established expertise in areas like clean label, sensory experience, and health and nutrition with a broad range of manufacturers—including many customers who have not previously had the opportunity to visit one of our labs.”

INSIDE IDEA LABS will consist of regionally developed labs focused on specific market segments. The beverage lab will be launched in the US and expand this year to serve customers in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, as well as Asia Pacific, Canada, Mexico and South America. Dairy labs will launch in all regions this year as well, and Ingredion experts will continue to create additional resources to serve customers.

“We are committed to building a robust platform,” says Joseph M. Light, vice president of global development and ingredient technology at Ingredion. “Our existing relationships with customers have given us insight into the types of information that we need to build into each virtual lab, and we’re looking forward to expanding our resources across all segments as part of our service offering.”

Afrouz Naeini, senior marketing manager of sweetness and beverage in North America, adds, “Some of the fastest-growing and innovative companies in the US beverage category are small and mid-sized companies. Often limited in their R&D resources, they rely heavily on information that can be found online during product development. INSIDE IDEA LABS allows us to reach these developers during the early stages of their interest in new beverage trends and their online search to address challenges.”

The beverage lab showcases technical resources including sample formulations, an ingredient selector, how-to videos and responses to questions that customers frequently ask about topics such as sugar reduction, protein enrichment and stabilization, as well as beverage emulsification. Visitors also will find information about the consumer and market trends driving change in the industry, as well as insights from the experts working throughout our network of Ingredion Idea Labs innovation centers.

To learn more about INSIDE IDEA LABS, step in and solve at, or join Joseph M. Light, vice president of global development and ingredient technology at Ingredion, for a guided tour of the lab.

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INSIDE IDEA LABS™ provides a virtual lab that allows entrepreneurs, small- to mid-sized businesses and major manufacturers in the food and beverages industry to partner with Ingredion Idea Labs® experts. The online interactive portal contains resources developed by the applications and technical services teams that work in the global network of Ingredion Idea Labs innovation centers and in the labs of TIC Gums and Kerr Concentrates.

•    Ingredient selector and sample request tools

•    Responses to frequently asked formulation questions

•    How-to videos and expert advice

•    Technical specifications and sample formulations

•    Case studies and success stories

•    Consumer insights and market analysis

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