With caramel flavor high in demand, PROVA announces the immediate availability of the company’s line of natural caramel flavors that authentically and accurately reflect the complex flavors of caramel. Caramel is one of the fastest growing candy categories in the world and emerging as a top flavor in many food product categories. PROVA’s caramel collection was developed to cover demand for popular and cultural styles with high-impact, warm, and comforting flavors.

The challenge that comes with creating true, authentic caramel flavor is that it is a multi-faceted flavor that changes depending on the cooking technique and temperature at preparation. As the heat of the cooking temperature rises, the flavor changes from a sweet, blonde caramel at the base to an amber caramel, finishing with a pleasantly deep, burnt flavor. 

In the process of browning and the natural Maillard Reaction that happens when heating together sugar, amino acids, and water, the flavor profile can differ drastically from a fresh milk toffee to a powdery, blonde fudge, or buttery, blonde butterscotch. Accurately capturing that reaction is the key to the true, authentic flavors of PROVA’s caramel collection, ideally suiting them for any application or flavor combination, including the trending “sweet and salty” movement.

Caramel is a universally known comfort flavor with worldwide appeal. In the United Kingdom, the most popular caramel flavors include toffee, fudge, and butterscotch. Elsewhere, Latin America more closely associates caramel with the birthplace of the sweet and fresh milk flavor, “dulce de leche.” Meanwhile, caramel has even more distinct taste and flavor profile preferences in North America, Africa and the Middle East. 

“The PROVA line of caramel flavors is ideally suited to meet the growing worldwide demand for complex, multifaceted, and exacting styles of caramel depending on the region,” says Pam deVries, PROVA general manager and vice president of sales, North America. “We have ensured that PROVA’s collection of caramel flavor profiles is comprehensive in terms of any specific application and popular style.”

Upon request, PROVA can provide an extensive product list of their natural caramel flavors that features varieties with nuanced profiles such as buttery, fresh milk, cooked milk, salty, and more.

For more information, please contact Pam deVries at pam.devries@provaus.com.


PROVA is a leader in the manufacture of vanilla, cocoa and coffee extracts and flavors for the food and beverage industries. When PROVA was founded in France in 1946, it brought an original extraction technology and soon became known as one of the world’s major vanilla pod processors. Through its targeted and diverse focus on cocoa, coffee and vanilla, PROVA holds a strong position as a specialist in sweet brown flavors. 

In addition, PROVA offers a line of gourmet flavors that includes caramel, pastry and non-allergenic nuts. PROVA's headquarters in France features integrated processing of raw materials and product creation and development services which are complemented by a US presence in Danvers, Mass., where continuing expansions are underway. PROVA products are distributed worldwide through an efficient network of knowledgeable sales and technical professionals. 

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