Convenience-driven consumers are buying ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee beverages in greater quantities than ever before. Active, on-the-go lifestyles demand convenience, yet consumers expect rich, satisfying coffee experiences without compromise on flavors or textures. Additionally, consumers are increasingly looking to reduce or avoid sugar in beverages, but with the taste of full sugar products.

Mafco’s Magnasweet® is effective in enhancing and modifying flavors of a food or beverage as well as masking off-flavors. 

In this application, Magnasweet enhances and improves the rich coffee flavor of the cold brew beverage, and provides a pleasing, rich mouthfeel that suggests creaminess.

Magnasweet is based on Monoammonium glycyrrhizinate, a US FDA and FEMA GRAS-affirmed licorice derivative extracted from natural licorice root. Monoammonium glycyrrhizinate is considered natural according to US FDA definitions and is approved for use as a flavor, flavor enhancer and surface active agent.


Magnasweet proves to be a key tool for formulating great tasting RTD coffee beverages by:

*Enhancing the robust coffee flavor

*Masking the bitter aftertaste of the stevia sweetener

*Providing a creamier, richer mouthfeel

*Rounding off the bitterness of the coffee extract, making a smoother beverage.

Mafco Worldwide LLC is the world’s leading producer of licorice extract and derivatives.

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