In all discussions of a well-balanced diet and weight reduction, the buzzword has been “low-carb” for many years. But there are now other forms of nutrition, too, that advocate a diet with as little carbohydrate as possible. 

One example that is becoming more and more popular is ketogenic nutrition. This diet consists of 75% fat, 20% protein and only 5% carbohydrate. It brings about in changes in energy metabolism. Because of the reduced carbohydrates, there is no longer enough glucose available as a supply of energy. 

Consequently, the body forms more ketone bodies out of the fatty acids present, and these provide the energy necessary for the brain. During this ketogenic state – also known as ketosis – the body’s own fat deposits are broken down. That is why the keto diet helps with slimming. 

In the USA, keto is already in third place among the nutritional trends. That is the conclusion drawn from the latest “What's Trending in Nutrition” survey, in which some 2,000 dieticians were interviewed. 

Lifestyle products that support ketogenic nutrition therefore offer additional sales potential. For keto diets are becoming increasingly popular in the German market, too, and are being recommended by more and more dieticians.

In this connection, MCT oils play an important role. According to scientific studies, these medium-chain fatty acids promote both weight loss and reduction of the body’s fat mass. In other words: MCT oils greatly help to ensure the success of a ketogenic diet. SternLife’s new keto products are also based on MCT derived from high-quality coconut oil. 

Three attractive products are available that enable manufacturers of branded goods to make profitable use of the keto trend. 

Ketoproof Coffee and Ketoproof Matcha Latte, for example, promise a perfect start to the day. The dry beverage bases for blending with liquid contain 5g MCT and less than 1g of carbohydrate per portion, but they also contain a large proportion of dietary fiber. The caffeine derived from coffee or matcha powder gives the drinks their stimulating effect. They are therefore ideal for breakfast or for fighting that afternoon sleepiness. 

The new Keto Protein Shake with 9g MCT and less than 1g of sugar per portion completes the range. With its high percentage of valuable, quality protein and large amount of dietary fiber it provides a satisfying meal for fitness and figure conscious consumers. 

With the novel products from SternLife, suppliers of fitness and lifestyle products can extend their offer with a trendy range and benefit from the growing keto trend. 

About SternLife

SternLife GmbH & Co. KG offers the development and production of functional foods and food supplements. Its range extends from powder preparations through capsules and tablets to functional bars and snacks. Well-known brands and private labels benefit by its extensive know-how in the field of innovative health, sport and lifestyle foods and target-group oriented product lines. 

SternLife is a member of the independent, owner-managed Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, one of the most successful enterprises operating internationally in the world of food and feed ingredients. When developing new products, the functional food specialists have access to the pooled knowledge and skills of ten sister companies and some 80 R&D specialists at the Stern-Technology Center, with its broad range of applications technology. SternLife’s products are manufactured on the group’s own state-of-the-art production lines at various locations in Germany.

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