SternLife will present a new generation of protein bars at this year’s Vitafoods exhibition, May 7-9, in Geneva, Switzerland. 

The new bars feature a very soft, light texture similar to that of confectionery bars. In fact, despite being enriched with protein and dietary fiber, the new bars deliver a taste and their tender, creamy consistency that has more in common with chocolate bars rather than functional bars on the market.

With fashionable flavors like Iced Coffee, Caramel Fudge, Strawberry Ice Cream or Salted Caramel, brand suppliers can extend their range of protein bars to include attractive alternatives with high unique selling value and satisfy the consumer’s demand for healthy enjoyment in terms of “permissible indulgence.” 

The new bars, coming with a crisp chocolate coating, contain high quality milk protein; they are low-sugar and free from soy and gluten. 

Meal replacements: More than just a shake

SternLife also is taking a more modern approach to meal replacement shake formulation. In doing so, company formulators are following the motto: “The successful and healthy way to your ideal weight.”  

SternLife’s approach focuses on dietary fiber content—along with high percentage of protein—to ensure a good feeling of satiety. In addition to protein, the shakes also contain high quality plant extracts such as papaya, curcuma, pomegranate or matcha and are rich in vitamins and minerals. 

Depending on a manufacturer customer’s request, the proteins may either be derived from animal or plant origin, which makes the low-calorie shakes suitable for vegetarian or vegan diets as well. SternLife also offers a wide range of attractive applications with flavor options such as Cookies & Cream, Chocolate, Cappuccino, and Vanilla. There also are fruit-based flavors including Strawberry, Apple-Cinnamon or Banana. 

Last but not least, SternLife also offers more high protein meal replacement product prototypes including Protein Porridge, Protein Risotto and Protein Rice Pudding. These all provide variation in a daily diet routine while they also are simply and quick to prepare.

Benefiting from the keto trend 

SternLife also offers a new keto line of ingredients targeted towards health-conscious consumers and fitness enthusiasts. 

Three new ingredients help manufacturers make profitable use of the current trend towards ketogenic nutrition. All three products are based on MCT oils extracted from quality coconut oil. 

According to scientific studies, these medium-chain fatty acids promote both weight loss and reduction of the body’s fat mass and are also known to provide energy to the body. A great start into the day without using carbohydrates. In other words: MCT oils are a great tool to ensure the success of a ketogenic diet. 

To demonstrate its ingredient and product capabilities, SternLife has created SternLife Ketoproof Coffee and Ketoproof Matcha Latte. These powders that can be mixed with liquids contain 5g of MCT’s and less than 1g of carbohydrates per portion but they also contain a large amount of dietary fiber. The caffeine coming from coffee or matcha powder fires up the metabolism and therefore these products are ideal for breakfast or for fighting afternoon drowsiness. 

The new Keto Protein Shake with 9g of MCT’s and less than 1g of sugar per portion completes the range. With its high percentage of high-quality protein and large amounts of dietary fiber it provides a satisfying meal for fitness and health addicts. 

Visitors to Vitafoods can learn more about SternLife’s exciting new products on Stand L56, where the company will also give information on the new “DELUXE protein bar White Chocolate Cookie Dough.” With its high protein content and delicious taste experience, the product lends itself as a healthy snack between meals. SternLife will also present the bar at the Vitafoods Tasting Centre. 

About SternLife

SternLife GmbH & Co. KG offers the development and production of functional foods and food supplements. Its range extends from powder preparations through capsules and tablets to functional bars and snacks. Well-known brands and private labels benefit by its extensive know-how in the field of innovative health, sport and lifestyle foods and target-group oriented product lines. 

SternLife is a member of the independent, owner-managed Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, one of the most successful enterprises operating internationally in the world of Food and Feed Ingredients. When developing new products, the functional food specialists have access to the pooled knowledge and skills of eleven sister companies and some 80 R&D specialists at the Stern-Technology Center, with its broad range of applications technology. SternLife’s products are manufactured on the group’s own state-of-the-art production lines at various locations in Germany.

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