Cambrooke Therapeutics Inc., an innovation leader in therapeutic nutrition for inborn errors of metabolism and ketogenic diet therapy, announces the introduction of two new, low protein foods: Original and Savory Cracker Thins, as well as Frosted Flakes and CoCo Roos Cereals.

Cambrooke’s low protein crackers are perfect for snacking or packing and come in two varieties. Officials say Original Crackers are delicious, bite-sized and ready to dip or top with a favorite low protein spread, such as Cambrooke’s Pea-Not Butter or Cheddar Wizard. Savory Cracker Thins are low protein flatbread-style crackers with tasty herbs and spices, ready to be eaten on their own or topped with vegetables, Cambrooke’s low protein spreads or Cambrooke’s low protein cheese.

Original Crackers have 0.3g protein and 10mg phe per 14g serving; Savory Cracker Thins have 0.3g protein and 14mg phe per 14g serving.

“I love the crackers, they have an excellent crunch, and they go perfect with Cambrooke’s jalapeno cheese slices,” says Lake P., a young adult male from Boston with PKU.

Cold cereal tops the list for most eaten breakfast food items and has been the number one requested low protein breakfast food. Cambrooke now offers two low protein varieties. Frosted Flakes and CoCo Roos are available in convenient single serving bowls that allow you to eat at home or on-the-go.

Cambrooke’s Frosted Flakes cereal, slightly sweetened flakes of corn cereal, has 1g protein and 56mg phe per 28g serving in a 1oz bowl. Cambrooke’s CoCo Roos corn puff style cereal is flavored with real cocoa and has 0.8g protein and 43mg phe per 24g serving in a 1oz bowl. Both are available in a 16-count box, as well as a variety pack with eight of each variety.

Another special dietary consumer, John L., says, “Cambrooke continues to launch products in a variety of categories that are convenient for on-the-go people like me. Not only are they convenient, the products are delicious, making it easier for anyone in the family to enjoy. The cereal is perfect for me in the morning or any time of day since they taste great and can be eaten right out of the bowl.”

About Cambrooke Therapeutics

Founded in 2000, Cambrooke Therapeutics is a private, equity-backed, Massachusetts-based therapeutic nutrition company and global provider of medical nutrition products for patients with serious unmet medical needs. The company works with physicians and researchers from around the world to develop, test and commercialize products that are focused on inborn errors of metabolism and intractable epilepsy. More information is available at