Ancient grains have found their spot amongst the top 10 superfoods sought by Americans in 2019. 

Now formulating with trendy ancient grains is made simple with FutureCeuticals’ AncienTRIM™. 

A formulation-friendly powder made from amaranth, buckwheat, millet, chia and quinoa, AncienTRIM is key to adding the protein, fiber and essential amino acids of ancient grains to soups, beverages, dairy alternatives, RTM products and more. 

Stay on top of the ancient grain trends with AncienTRIM™

•    Improved taste and texture

•    Mask the off-notes of plant proteins

•    USDA-developed process

•    Dispersible in solution

•    Clean Label - Replaces stabilizers, artificial gums, fats and oils

•    Organic and gluten-free

Created with FutureCeuticals' unique process, these versatile ancient grains are a part of the Beverage-Ready Grains™ family and deliver all of the benefits of Grains Without the Grit™. 

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